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Prompt issue 7 - 2 a5 pages

Theme 'bloom'

Colour 'viva magenta'

Didn't have any ideas for the theme of bloom and i hate magenta so i was gonna mope at kieran about the theme, but then i found a way to incorporate an idea i had for a separate comic inspired by the ancient tradition of 'ukai'. This is the use of trained cormorants to catch fish that has been practised for 1300 years in China and Japan. The birds are trained from young and paid for the fish they catch with smaller fish, but are essentially enslaved to the fisherman, for whom this is their only livelihood. Its dying out with very few people still practising, mostly for tourism purposes.

I love the vistas and tried to combine the landscapes, reflections and hand motions into the comic structure.

Attempted inking my pencils with a pen, though i preferred my pencil lines as i've been finding often with my drawing recently - i do find myself in a deep in a new love affair with pencil!! (and being a lot more confident drawing :) )So i kept the pencil for my final lines, but found colouring it by hand tedious and without precision so went for digital colours ultimately, also wanting to emphasise the magenta.

Final comic!

Really happy with how it turned out, the structure is really fun and i think the colours work. Wanna do more of this narrative non fiction stuff in short form comics!!


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