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Editorial Workshop

With david mcmillan.

Brief: 3 sketches for wednesday 1st march

Final image friday 3rd march

2nd time on the rodeo and i chose two articles this time, Brief 1: about the insidious link between car ownership, race and incarceration in america, and Brief 3: about Rishi Sunak's policies copying but misunderstanding Thatcher's.

As usual all the articles seemed really hard at first but i found some ideas i felt confident in! The car ones are about viusally drawing links between the car/road culture and the debt-prison cycle, while the rishi ones all play on the idea of rishi dressing up as maggie but failing, in different ways.

Ideas sent to dave:

Idea 1 = roundabout leading between car dealership and prison, while the road underneath is unreachable (I know there's no roundabouts in america, could be a straight road)

Idea 2= road junction with endless signs about debt, prison, credit scores, loans. Car dealership on one side and gas station on the other (does there need to be a car in foreground? Maybe not)

(this was developed from an idea that i showed dave and he said to expand it - it was originally just the signs layered on each other but i think the road vista is more effective)

Idea 3= prison bars as roads, hands holding bars (could be portrait or landscape)

Idea 1= rishi sunak dressed as Maggie looking in mirror forlornly while portrait or Maggie sneers down at him and protesters strike outside window (closer crop than original sketch)

Idea 2= rishi dressed as Maggie stands tall in foreground but the shadow he casts is weak and spindly (could just be Maggie in foreground, not rishi dressed up?)

Idea 3= rush I putting on a panto dressed as Maggie for an audience of strikers

Dave picked 2 and 3 respectively (both those i was least wanting to draw hey ho). I did the lines in pencil and coloured with watercolour because its much faster. I think the linework for this one is nice but the colouring lets it down, something isn't quite working. Maybe the colours just aren't punchy enough and the limited palette isn't working with the watercolour. Dave recommended i try colouring this one digitally, so im gonna try that next.

For the maggie one i decided to combine the spotlight idea with the panto, since you get spotlights in theatre anyway and i hoped it would make the image richer. The layout isn't fully satisfying but i like the figure and i think overall it works better than the car image. Also the slightly painterly watercolour is much more effective here with greater colour variation.

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