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Zayani Zam


Bolormaa spends every day driving coal from the mines at Tavan Tolgoi to the Chinese border through the featureless Gobi Desert and dreaming of a greater freedom that no longer exists. Cut off from the thousands of other drivers in her own small cabin, the isolation is broken only by the excitement of the open road, and the thrills it might hold…

A silent comic about the monotony of human existence, being stuck in a daily grind to earn a living and provide for your family, and the small moments of human connection that break through to offer relief, hope and joy.

80 pages, 270 x 155mm, 2023. Section sewn and hand-finished. Available here.

Shortlisted for the First Graphic Novel Award 2023 and longlisted for the World Illustration Awards.

Nominated for Best One Shot at the 2023 Broken Frontier Awards.

Reviewed on Broken Frontier.

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