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Throwing Pennies pack shot

Throwing Pennies

An experimental comic about children who dive for pennies in the Philippines, and the people who throw them.

The phenomenon of children diving for pennies dropped by people from the decks of ferries in ports can be observed around the country. It is a circumstance many poor families find themselves in, with parents often relying on the meagre income from the children’s dives; I don’t see it as wholly good or bad, but as a by-product of capitalism and economic disparity. Throwing Pennies uses the act of unfolding and page-turning to explore different perspectives in this situation through three zines, each a different permutation of an A3 sheet of paper.

Reviewed by Broken Frontier here.

Nominated for a 2021 Broken Frontier Award for Best One-Shot.

Three digitally printed, hand-cut, bound and folded zines packaged in a traditional-style envelope. 2021.


Throwing Pennies diver
Throwing Pennies cover
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