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Uni Application Portfolio

Disclaimer: since I took a fat gap year this work is 2+ years old.... also featuring some waffle I wrote for portfolio stuff. Love a good waffle.


How do you deal with a creatively crushing job? Four page comic in pen and marker, A4, Jan 19


In which the Buddha is disturbed from his state of enlightenment

Pen and ink, one-page comic (A5 when folded), Sep 18

Dis - May

"Lonely Theresa May staggers on as Brexit rebels call for leadership vote ● PM savaged as ministers quit"

The Times headline Friday 16th November 2018 Ink and watercolour, 24 x 24cm, Nov 18

I'm A Politician Get Me Out Of Here!

How can we engage young people with current politics? By turning it into reality TV, of course. 12-page concertina comic about David Cameron and the EU Referendum for college project. Acrylic paint and ink, 12x120cm, Nov 18

Sketchbook development work for Brexit comic. Acrylic, paper, watercolour. Sketchbook size 25x25cm, Nov 18


70s Penguin sci fi book cover design inspired by human stomachs. Acrylic paint and ink, A3, Feb 19

Location drawing at the Barbican, my favourite place in London.

Ink, sketchbook is 25x25 cm, Sep 18

Research sketches for personal projects of my favourite things - mountain goats and tampons

Pencil, ink and pen, Oct 18

Page from personal journal during travels.

Pen, A5 sketchbook, Aug 18

Pepi + Luce

When you think life is about friendship and survival, but it's really about feet. Digital drawing with Krita and graphics tablet, 8-page comic, Jan 19

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