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Side Step II

So Thursday was the zine fair / exhibiton that is Side Step II, organised by the wonderful Phoebe Thomson, and I really just wanted to be happy about it and bask in the afterglow because it's the most I've ever earned from my art in one night.

Obviously it isn't about the money for me, definitely just glad about people seeing and liking my work (exposure la di da) but it's a confidence boost definitely. And mainly I had a wonderful time talking to other creators and visitors - special shout out to SolidariTee who showed me how we can use what we do to raise awareness and money for great causes. SolidariTee raises money for refugees with their t-shirts and bags designed by artists around the world.

So overall an informative and super fun experience! Definitely looking to do more of this kinda thing, though maybe once life and stress calms down a bit. But soon please!


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