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Vital Organs


Vital Organs is a reportage project made at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as part of the CW+ Drawn in Residence program.

This project explores the teams and departments working behind the scenes at Chelsea and Westminster, using drawing to document their hard work and efforts that, though not directly related to medical care, form an intrinsic part of the running of the hospital. 

48 pages, 170 x 260 mm, 2024.

Drawn in Residence is an illustration residency run by CW+the official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The program is part of a wider campaign to bring arts into the hospital environment. 

More work can be seen around Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex Hospitals, and at

Thank you to CW+ and the Tavolozza Foundation for kindly facilitating this project!

Read the full publication here.

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