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Pov Outcomes + Evaluation

1. Jungle Tour Puzzle Page

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2. Fisherman Comic

3. Stall Lady Screenprint

(colour variation)

A happy printmaker !

500-word Evaluation

I chose to look at tourism in the amazon rainforest for this project, and examine the relationship between tourist and local. The theme lies close to my heart so I really enjoyed both the research and the visualisation of those concepts. Additionally, having lived it gave me insight from a tourist perspective.

I’m thrilled with how my pieces turned out, both visually and thematically. The comic lies furthest within my comfort zone, though I did push myself to use only blacks (no line/colour as is my modus operandi). In screenprinting I’ve found a new passion, and it felt really good to learn a new skill that I definitely want to explore more, maybe incorporating digital designs next. And I surprised myself by actually pulling off the puzzle page and creating something so dense and detailed. I would never usually draw something so big and ambitious but it had to be that size so the animals would be distinguishable. It was excruciating to draw, but worth it.

My first perspective is an enormous puzzle page, like where’s wally in which you search for the animals just as you would when you’re really in the forest. I think this conveys the joy of jungle tourism, as well as the slightly overwhelming feeling of it. I slotted the other two perspectives into this page, the second being a comic that follows a fisherman, romanticising him only to zoom out showing him in an aquarium like just another museum exhibit or commodity, which again I feel is successful in its communication. I think my screenprint is the least clear in its theme; I tried to convey the perceived closeness between female tourists and the local saleswomen, but I condensed it so much that it’s a bit abstract.

I think I could’ve pushed myself further thematically, but I had a hard time seeing the positives of the tourist/local interactions, instead straying into cynicism, which also revealed to me how I feel about the experience of being a tourist. I did intend to show a positive relationship for my third point of view, so maybe I needed to do more research or choose one particular example to highlight.

My issue is I gave myself far too much work to do in the given time (almost gave myself RSI frantically colouring that puzzle page). I finished everything but it would have been better to do slightly less ambitious pieces and be able to spend more time on refining them. My time management was good but I found it hard to concentrate and motivate myself, especially during isolation and then lockdown (more studio time pleeaaase). I also decided on my first two ideas pretty early instead of experimenting further which seems like a missed opportunity even though I needed that time to refine and adequately prepare for making those outcomes. In my next project I will try to widen my experimentation and not just jump on the first idea that comes (even if it’s good).

Original Proposal:

POV Proposal Mereida Fajardo
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