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Pov 15.11: stressed

As of 15.11.20 - last batch of sketchbooks and prep work

Size guides on A4 paper for drawing the puzzle page (final puzzle page = A1 size)

A1 page plan

Toyed with the idea of drawing it digitally so tried kierans tablet but i'm not confident on it and prefer the fineliner style

Final comic thumbnails

Screenprinting Workshop -

Booked in for a workshop mostly just because I've never done it before and really wanted to try it, but i also like the idea of the print layers and layering the colours to create new shades. It runs with my theme of separation, existing on different planes, so i sought to utilise this feature.

Also i enjoy colouring my work with flat colours, but i've been searching for a good way to add texture as opposed to the smooth photoshop flats (eurgh).

V haps with the print, i really like how it looks and wasn't expecting to enjoy the process so much. I was gonna add embroidery textures to the circles by scratching into the ink which i forgot, and i think the pink is too garish, but i like the overall design and immediately booked into the studios to do my final perspective as a screenprint.

Screenprint plans and animals


Puzzle Page Final Linework

(click to enlarge)

Plan and Mark Resists for screenprint

Tomorrows the last day and im screenprinting, wish me luck!

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