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Frans Masereel <3

Artist 4 Artist Presentation and Response

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Frans Masereel!

Had never heard of my artist for artist before this but his work clicked with me immediately, being the great-grandfather of comics and all that. I may have gone a bit hard with the whole 'frans influenced all comics from history to eternity' angle in my presentation, but i really do believe his influence on graphic and sequential arts cannot be overstated. Which is weird considering i'd never even heard of him before.

Also sorry its really long.

Link to script and bibliography:

Frans Masereel
Download DOCX • 31KB

Also, some sketchbook stuff i did which coincided with me finally getting another ink brush pen and getting used to it, while doing lots of ink drawings of forest plants for my points of view project. I love the way he draws his cities so have been drawing views of bristol from my stunning flat:

Response Proposal:

Been really enjoying emulating his style (albeit in ink instead of woodcut) as i tend to draw jus tin line and not use blacks very well. So it has been refreshing to learn not to be afraid of block blacks and ive enormously enjoyed using it to draw this city that i've just moved to and am completely entranced by. The view from my flat (12th floor lets goooo) is just crazy and all i want to do is sit by my window. That is, until last week we nearly saw a girl throw herself from the top of the NCP car park which was scary and sad and really fucked me up. I couldn't stop thinking about it and i don't know if it's insensitive to be drawing that but i think i need to get it out of my system too. I really really hope she's ok.

Anyway that's what i will be drawing as a response.

A4A Response:

Turned out decent, tried to lead the eye to the figure in the centre with the road and the top of the car park and all the windows. Feel like it doesn't sufficiently capture the feeling of loneliness and isolation and i could've worked with a different angle that adds more emphasis, but since i was drawing from my window this is the view. I do feel like the portrait i did of bristol above is a stronger visual piece.

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